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I have a large amount of excess mountaineering, polar and camping clothing, tents and other equipment for sale.  Scroll down the page for currently listed items, including Down Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Mittens, Windsuits, Backpacks and more.  Some used, some new and unused.   Please email me with any enquiries or for further information and photos.

Downsuits & Parkas

I generally moved into my downsuits around 7000 metres. Up to there it was windsuits.  Once in my downsuit, it didn't come off until I was back to down to warmer temps, so I wanted suits that were highly technical, adjustable, comfortable and warm.  All of the suits below proved themselves on the highest peaks in the world.

Down Parkas - same deal.  They are all top of the range with the best down filling available.   


Windsuits are one of my favourite bits of kit at high altitude.  Not only do they cut the wind but they simplify the whole system.  No bulky overlap of shell jacket and pants, no blocking your vision of what's on your harness, no riding down of your overpants, less weight overall. And with built in extra long side zips or a dedicated bum zip, no having to take your jacket off to get your salopettes down for toileting.  I wore these to 7000 metres with a couple of base layers underneath, then changed directly into my downsuit for higher altitudes, keeping the same base layers underneath the downsuit.

High Altitude Mittens
and Modular Gloves

All these gloves were sourced for, and proven on, my 8000 metre and polar expeditions.  The custom mittens were made to my specs and went to the top of numerous 8000ers.  The Outdoor Research Fleece Mittens are warm and very tough. 

Day Packs and Lightweight
Expedition Packs

Every one of these packs is in excellent condition.  Some were never used. They are all expedition quality, major outdoor brands with numerous alpine features.  Lightweight expedition packs are above, day and overnight packs below.


Expedition and high altitude tents; all of these are the toughest tents on the market.  

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