Titanium Goat Tipi v6.5 Pyramid tent with Titanium wifi wood burning heater


Another pyramid tent that i bought for use in the Arctic in winter, these tents are really cool! Made from syliconised nylon, they are designed to accommodate an ultralight titanium woodburning heater (see photo above). They come with an adjustable aluminium centre pole and have a fibreglass patch near the apex of the tent through which the flue passes. ( check out the top photo - you can just see the chimney sticking out of the grey patch).

The tent is a v6.5 model meaning it is 6.5 feet tall (1.98 metres). 9.5 sq metre internal floor area.

The stove is rectangular and folds down to a flat pack. it takes only a couple of minutes to put together. It has a titanium sheet that rolls up to make the chimney. They put out amazing heat - we were sweltering inside despite the outside temperature being around -40C. See below pic

Tent weight about 1.2kg. Heavy duty adjustable pole 700 grams (can be substituted with ski poles). Stove is about 600 grams.