Trekking in the upper Hinku Valley

Dates: 28 September to 31 October 2023

Cost: AUD$15,900

(approximately USD $11,500)

Mera Peak lies to the east of the normal Nepal Khumbu valley trekking route to Mt Everest basecamp. As such the approaches receive far less traffic and are visited by just the odd trekking group and those heading to the peak itself. The ascent of Mera Peak is not technical but is challenging in its own right as Mera is the highest of the trekking peaks in Nepal, at 6476 metres. Baruntse Peak is even more remote and visited by only a few parties each year. It lies almost equidistant between Mount Everest and Mount Makalu, the world's highest and 5th higest peaks respectively. Oh and almost underneath Lhotse, the world's 4th highest mountain! It is literally in the throne room of the Mountain Gods! At 7129 metres, Baruntse is a significant undertaking and an expedition peak in its own right. As such we treat it with the greatest respect, and utilise all necessary time, safety equipment and support to achieve a safe summit and return. It is an ideal peak for those wanting a remote Himalayan expedition or as preparation for higher goals such as Everest or another 8000er.

Access to these peaks involves remote and at times strenuous trekking. We have developed our itinerary both to avoid the Everest trek crowds and to allow our bodies to adjust to the ever increasing altitude. While the altitude does present its own challenges, the climbing on both peaks is non-technical but still warrants safety ropes and guides to avoid crevasses. The Baruntse climb ascends steep and exposed high altitude ridges, providing lofty exposure indeed. To safeguard our ascent we shall place fixed ropes for all climbers and Sherpas. The program allows us appropriate acclimatisation on the trek to, and climb of, Mera Peak, then allows us several days of relaxing trekking and further acclimatisation as we move to Baruntse. 10 days have been scheduled for the Baruntse climb, however we have facted in a number of additional contingency days and will alter the schedule as necessary to give ourselves the very best chance of success.

The expedition will be led by Andrew Lock, and will partner with our local Nepal agency for in country logistics.

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Mera Peak