General Arrangements and logistics



Andrew Lock will be leading this trip, and also climbing with you on the mountain.

Additionally, one Sherpa will be present for every climber on the peak (and climbing with them). All camps on mountain will be stocked and pitched in advance, with the route fixed in places deemed necessary by the Sherpa climbing team and Luke.


Our base camp at Labuche Kang BC/ABC will be fully stocked with a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with snacks. We will have hot showers in camp, two toilet tents, and each member will have their own roomy 2 person Mountain Hardwear tent. The purpose of a base camp is for you to have a place to recover, and relax, and have space from the mountain to collect your thoughts, gather your energy reserves, and move to climbing on the mountain. We will make two rotations on the mountain before making our summit bid. A rotation entails climbing on the peak, spending nights in established and stocked camps, and then returning to our base camp for a hot shower, fresh meals, and relaxing. Our goal as a guide service is to provide a climb that keeps you strong, physically healthy, and mentally prepared for your summit.

Proving Ground. Labuche Kang is an excellent next climb for those with 6000 meter experience or for the seasoned Himalayan veteran who is looking for something new.

Trust. Climbing at 7000 meters is no place to be short on resources. We make the proper advance preparations to ensure that our team will be properly cared for, from airport to summit and home again.


  • Labuche Kang expedition climb | 7250m
  • Spectacular and scenic approach via Changtang plateau
  • 1:1 Sherpa:climber ratio
  • Team mentality


You need to be very fit for this expedition. You should begin training several months in advance. Climbing to 7000 meters requires high cardiovascular health. Please look at the information on our Physcial Preparation page. You should also have prior experience at altitude and on climbs with some technical difficulty. Please contact Andrew to discuss whether this is the right expedition for you.


We approach an expedition with a serious and focused intent to help you accomplish your goal. We strive to maximize your potential enjoyment, without comprising safety.