fitness and mountaineering experience


To reach the summit of Everest (8850 metres / 29035 feet) one must be in top physical, psychological and emotional condition. Prior ascents of mountains over 6000 metres are generally a minimum standard, and preferably 7000 or even 8000 metre ascents are ideal.

Participants must train consistently to develop cardio vascular stamina and as high a VO2 max level as possible. Please refer to our Physical Preparation page for further information and contact our office if you have any questions.


All team members must have undertaken appropriate mountaineering skills development and training in basic climbing techniques and use of mountaineering equipment including crampons, ascenders, descenders and ice axes.

Members will be required to have reached the summit of at least one 6000 metre peak and preferably a 7000 metre peak. To assist members in their preparation, Andrew will lead an expedition during October/November 2020, to climb Mera Peak and Baruntse Peak in the Nepal Himalaya. This expedition is designed to provide aspiring Everest summiteers with a multi week, multi camp climb, very similar to conditions on Everest but at a lower altitude. It allows the team to establish essential camaraderie for the more major ascent in 2021 and to understand how you respond to high altitude and the effects of working hard in that environment.